Hardwood Floor Recoating

Hardwood Floor Recoating

Treating Your Hardwood Floors in Charlotte, Ballantyne & Fort Mill

Are your hardwood floors looking a little dull and beat up? Instead of thinking about new flooring options, consider hardwood floor recoating services. At Accent Wood Floors, Inc., serving the Charlotte and Ballantyne, NC areas, as well as nearby Fort Mill, SC, we offer quality recoating services for your hardwood floors.
Hardwood floor recoating simply means applying a fresh new coat of finish to your floors. Unlike refinishing services, the original finish does not need to be removed in a recoating service. Customers elect to have their hardwood floors recoated if they are looking for a change of color, a different texture, or to reapply a new coat of the same finish that was there previously.

Reasons why people choose to have their hardwood floors recoated:

  • Cover normal wear and tear
  • Cover scratches and worn patches
  • Cover over floor that was once carpeted
  • Upgrade the look of a room
  • More affordable than refinishing a floor
  • Extend the life of the floor

If you are thinking about having your hardwood floors recoated, contact the team at Accent Wood Floors, Inc. Our employees have the knowledge, experience and tools needed to get your recoating services completed in a timely manner. Contact us today for more information or to set up your services.

Hardwood Floor Recoating Process

  • Floors will be lightly sanded
  • Floors will be cleaned/vacuumed
  • Floors will be wiped with mineral spirits
  • After floors dry, finish will be applied
  • Polyurethane applied over dried floor