Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Tips & tricks for maintaining your hardwood floors

A certain amount and type of maintenance is required for hardwood flooring to maintain its shine, luster and quality. By doing so, you will lengthen its lifetime and push back the day where refurbishments, repairs and/or replacements are required.

Cleaning your floors

Cleaning your floors

Sweep, dust and vacuum regularly to reduce the amount of grit and dirt that finds its way into the flooring, which ultimately accelerates the aging process. High-traffic areas should be cleaned twice as often.

For sticky spills, use a damp cloth. Never use tile or vinyl cleaners, soap, detergent, or oil-based soap on wood floors. Always be sure your cleaner is formulated for wood floors, which will also help eliminate the chance of leaving a residue.

Never wax a wood floor that has a polyurethane finish. Doing so will not allow you to add extra coats on in the future.

House plants can cause water damage

When plants are placed on wood flooring, it leaves your floors at risk for water damage if the potted plant should leak or overflow. Water damage repairs can be expensive.

A high-quality finish protects against scratches & dents

Pets increase the amount of scratches on wood flooring, and high heels will create indentations. Despite the finish, there isn't one that is entirely resistant to scratches and dents, but having a high-quality finish will make a big difference.

Minor cracks & gaps come and go with the seasons

Gaps tend to come and go with the changing of the seasons. For example, cracks that are visible in the winter, often close together in the summer. Because wood is a natural product, it expands and contracts with moisture and humidity changes. With that, cracks and gaps will appear and potentially disappear.

Don't drag your furniture

Refrain from dragging furniture across wood floors. Fabric or felt covers should be used at the bottom of any furniture legs to prevent scratching and dents from appearing; they are available at most hardware stores. We offer this service for all our customers.

Tips for using area rugs & mats

Depending on the finish you choose, do not use an area rug within a week time span for an oil-base finish and 48 hours for a water-base finish. after getting your floors finished. This time is very important to let the finish cure properly. Walk-off mats are highly suggested for outside the entrances to your home to help keep dirt off the floors. Ultraviolet light is a real problem with your new or existing hardwoods. Some sun damaged (faded) hardwoods will not completely sand out. We highly recommend you remove your area rugs periodical so that the floors underneath will fade with the surrounding flooring. I personally take my rugs up during the spring and summer months and reinstall them in the fall and winter. This will prevent your floors for uneven discoloration.

Recoat your floors as soon as they show wear

Most finishes are durable, but there comes a time when a new coat is necessary. When the original finish is showing signs of wear, that’s when a recoat should be done. Do not wait until the finish is gone completely and is worn down to the bare wood.